Rules of LIVING:

1. LOVE yourself, love people, love nature, love life, love… loving!!!
2. RESPECT OTHERS: we are not all looking, thinking, acting the same. We all have our different Angels and Demons playing chess in our minds.
So, let other people drive through their own highway!
3. APPRECIATE YOURSELF as you appreciate God!!! Finally, you are here as a child of Him.
4. APPRECIATE OTHERS as you appreciate yourself. We are all humans, no matter the race, hair color, beliefs, nationality!!!
5. SEE YOURSELF: know who you are, where you come from, where you want to reach. Search for your destination but be aware of the path. The destination might change during time, but the path is the one which helps you reach the goal of… BEING.

6. BREATHE INTO LIFE, and don’t let sorrow breathe you out.
7. INHALE THE SUBTLE PERFUME OF LIVING and use it as your high- class fragrance.
8. SMILE to ants, birds, trees, flowers, water… Smile to Earth so it can heal you!
9. LAUGH INTO DARKNESS so there can be no Boogie man coming around. Still, if “he” appears, invite “him” over a cup of hot tea and discover where “he” comes from and what is his “will”.
Don’t be harsh with what you might hear and don’t judge. You’d better sweeten its appearance with some cookies.
Remember that Boogie man is always coming from the place I like to call “startapp”, alias your mindset.
10. STEP INTO THE MUDDY WATERS OF YOUR SOUL. You’ ve probably heard about the therapeutic effects of medicinal mud on joint pains. Well… it seems like a little bit of dirt is good for us. After the dirtiness is gone away, good feelings arise. So… use the “mud” in a right way!

11. DANCE BAREFOOT IN THE SNOW. You remember childhood: we were playing all the winter in the snow, sometimes even without gloves, falling down and being hurt, crying, and 2 mins later going back there and enjoy it more than before. There was nothing which could make us stop.
Let’s go back and take what is ours: the power of not giving up!!!
12. SING louder than birds, so that Angels can dance with you.
13. BELIEVE IN GOD. Some might say they don’t believe unless they see.
This is totally fine. As human beings, we are skeptical.
But then, I ask you: do you see the air which helps you live?!
Do you see your cells working continuously on your well- being?!
Do you see air coming into your blood stream?!
14. BELIEVE IN YOU. You are made from a particle of God, and this holy seed will always be shining into your heart, waiting to grow up and bring joy to the world with its beauty. So… use all the resources you have to let the flower, to let yourself shine!!!
15. SWIM into the deep seas of your mind and bring out to the surface worthy treasures.
16. TAKE OUT YOUR SHOES and feel the soft touch of wet grass in the mornings.
17. FEEL THE WIND softly touching your skin.
18. WATCH THE CLOUDS moving slowly in the endless sky.
19. RESPECT NO OTHER RULE than the ones coming from integrity, kindness, purity, mindfulness, deep consciousness.
20. LIVE!!!

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