After my dad died I spent a year in denial. He was on holiday! Was what I would repeat when I just wanted to cry. It’s amazing what you can convince your brain to believe.

After a year I crashed, emotionally & mentally! No amount of work on my corporate job would bring him back and it certainly wasn’t making me feel that I was happy.

I felt lost. So lost.

I have an amazing family and have had a life filled with nothing but love! I am grateful for my amazing parents and all that they gave me.

One thing deep down I ALWAYS knew was this ‘ there’s gotta be something more’

It’s actually my favourite song!

Over the last year or so I read books, attended workshops, webinars, did courses and downloaded so many freebies. Bits of them resonated but none of them actually mapped out for me how to move forward.

None of them said – right sarah – follow these simple steps and you’ll discover your calling and feel happy again!

SO, AS MY DAD ALWAYS DID. IF YOU CANT FIND IT, BUILD IT!  (He literally built anything we needed, he was amazing).

So I did!

5 Steps to finding  your calling and making a plan to LIVE it!

It’s called ‘From Lost to Purpose’ and forms the basis of how I now choose to work with clients 1:1 as a life coach and mentor!

I found my purpose, and its to help others to find and live theirs!

And I am sharing it now in 2 ways:

Firstly, I recorded a webinar which is now available on YouTube – Check it out!

As a coach & mentor I love helping women to find their purpose and support them through creating their plan and dream lives.

Here is the link to my webinar :

In the webinar I mention that I have a digital version of the course but not how to access it – it’s now available through thinkific if you wanted to check it out.

Link below :

If you have any questions or feedback on the webinar then please feel free to contact me. Remember you can also claim your freebies by joining the Facebook group :

Let’s create your dream life together!!!



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