This blog post is inspired by my nephew and the story of his trip to a new dentist that his mom shared on Facebook and the lessons we can all learn from him.

Keegan is 6 years old and what most people who meet him don’t realise is that when he was 2 or 3 he was diagnosed with autism. The news was devastating. The Doctors told my brother and sister in law that he scored really high on the spectrum, he would never be potty trained, wouldn’t be able to speak and would not be able to do all the things that other children can.

The emotional journey that followed was like the worse roller coaster you could ever imagine. I don’t want to dwell on that other than to say after a lot of research my brother and sister in law invested in speech therapists, play therapists as well as absolutely transforming his diet. It was tough, children don’t understand why they have to change everything they know and children with autism struggle the most with change.

But it was all worth it!!! He is now pretty much OFF the spectrum altogether and whilst he is still labelled (don’t think you ever lost it) as ‘autistic’ he really doesn’t have any of the traits he used to have. He is very much potty trained, he speaks really well (has a bit of an English twang and quite posh) and whilst his diet is carefully managed he has the appetite of 2 children!

So, the reasons for me to pull this up today is that a recent facebook live from my sister in law Margie provided us all with lessons to learn from Keegan.

They moved to a new state last year and it was time for Keegan to go to a new Dentist. They did their research again and ensured they selected a dentist that was highly recommended. Whilst he has done amazing well, he still hates cleaning his teeth. I know that as I struggled to get him to do it when I was on vacation with them.

Well, on his trip to this new dentist he was amazing.

He listened to the dentist, he sat quietly whilst they checked all his teeth, he allowed them to put the big machine around his face to take x-rays and even let the dentist do some cleaning. They were in the room quite a long time and he didn’t waiver at all.

His mum was so proud of her son, her autistic son who Dr’s would have doubted could ever stay still.

Why was he so good?

Well, he can be such a good boy its unreal. He can also be the most caring and attentive child too. Stroking his grandma’s arm when she got sick in the car, checking her temperature to make sure she was ok and he also tries to help her out of the car too! He is such a little gentleman!

So whilst I think he would be good anyway, there was also the added promise that if you are good at the dentist you get a prize out of the prize box! As soon as he was all done that was apparently all he wanted, he did good and so he wanted his prize.

How cool is that? When I was a kid it was just a sticker. 


What can we all learn from this? Well, what would it take for you to sit down, work hard and focus on your dreams? What needs to be in your ‘prize box’ for you to go through the pain whilst remaining focused on the prize?

What is in your prize box?

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