Let me introduce myself, my name is Sarah Shard, I am the founder of Women Inspiring Together.

I think it’s only right that you learn a little about me and my inspiration pledge!

About Me

I am a creative person with a passion for making a difference. I think logically and pragmatically. I have learnt the value of keeping it simple in both work and play! I love my family, my fiancé and my friends. I have worked for the same company since 1997 and am in a job that I am enjoy!

My inspiration pledge

To tell my story I will take you back to New Year’s eve 2015.

It was a difficult time as it was the first NYE following my dad’s unexpected death in February 2015, and making my usual list of resolutions just didn’t have the same meaning. Nothing felt right. We celebrated the best we could by doing what my dad would want, having a buffet at home with the family.  This tradition at least was not to be broken.

Resolution making was something I did every year without much success, the only year that had made a difference was where i had a single resolution, to say yes more. And I did, within that year I signed up for a part time course, I decided I hated my job and ended up moving to Dublin! So, maybe lists were not the way to go this year either. After long deliberation I chose not to have a theme for the year. And 2016 was to be the year of Inspiration for me!

I pledged to:

  • absorb every ounce of inspiration I could,
  • to be grateful to people who inspire and tell them how inspiring they are,
  • to help people embrace inspiration, and
  • to inspire others!

I am writing this blog on 1st July 2016, and I can absolutely say that I am living my inspiration theme and it’s made me understand who I am and what really makes me tick. It’s truly amazing and life altering.

I have watched endless you tube videos from inspiring people, I have been inspired to continue my quest to create ‘epic’ photos and study to pursue my passion for photography. I have attended workshops inside and outside my day job and have been told on numerous occasions that I have inspired someone or that I am an inspirational leader! I have even run a marathon for charity, more about that in a later blog post, but definitely one of my most inspiring achievements!

So what next, well I want to share this passion for inspiration, I want to help other women to feel that they too can inspire themselves and be inspiring to others. And I want to build a community of women who share their inspirations and who want to build others up!

To do this I have created wearewit.com, and my mind is full of lots of ideas on how we can work together to be the best we can be.

Check out what’s coming soon to see the ideas I am currently working on.

Be the change you want to see in the world!


Sarah Shard x


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