One day you wake up and feel like everything around you is a mess… You feel like all you want to do is just lay in bed and cry yourself out… Cry out loud… Shout!!! Scream!!! Let go…

Let go and  shine!

Yes. Life is not always easy, but, hey, life it is!

Live your life… Go out and create… Make mistakes… Love… Risk it all… Give all you have… Have all you love!!! Love what you live!!!

Live. Live fully. Live with all your power!!! Live according to what you want… to what you need… to what you feel deep deep inside you!!!

Live. Live by surrendering to the divine purpose!!! Enjoy the perfect creation which is life!

You might make mistakes… you might suffer… you might lose…. so, what?!

Who said we are not allowed to live by our own rules?

Finally… we always have ourselves and if inside we are not happy, how we can shine?

If you do not try you might never know what life had prepared for you.

Birds? Birds don’t ask themselves if they should fly, if they should sing, if they should rule the sky.

They just do it!!!

Allow yourself to be free and live as you feel.

Live your life! Not a reflection on how it should be!

Live… ALIVE.


Dr.Allia Marcu

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