As you know, I set up this blog Women Inspiring Together over a year ago with the mission of helping women across the world to feel inspired, inspiring and inspirational.

Its been amazing and well that train will not be stopping yet! I am just adding another aspect to my inspirational mission!

Welcome to Choose Happiness Life Coaching – with me, Sarah Shard.

This week I have had 3 different people say they want to spend more time with me as each time they leave they have a refreshed mindset, they feel empowered & Happier!!!

I am now taking my inspirational mission to the next level and am launching my new business. CHOOSE HAPPINESS Life Coaching.

Through my coaching I want everyone to feel like that, but not just after spending time with me but learn the techniques that they need to know to have that impact on themselves!

Happiness is a choice!! Can’t wait to help more women to learn how to make happiness their choice!

And to celebrate this amazing event I am running a FREE Group Challenge – 10 Days to Choose Happiness!

As my loyal readers, I want to give you the opportunity to join my challenge!

Click HERE to join the challenge and lets choose happiness together!

Look forward to making happiness together!

Sarah x

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